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Vitamin D supplements are used by many adults, based on advice from medical experts.

Also available: Ddrops® 1000 IU is also available in a 365 drop Family Size format, exclusive to Health Food Stores!

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Mom's Choice Awards - Honoring ExcellenceThe sunshine vitamin in just one drop!® for adults

We may not do it by diet alone! Canada’s Food Guide has recognized that vitamin D is the only nutrient which adults over 50 cannot rely on diet alone to receive their recommended daily dose. See Sources of Vitamin D

We shouldn’t do it by sun alone! The Canadian Dermatology Association says “In order to lessen the health risks associated with skin cancer yet still reap the known and possible benefits of vitamin D, the CDA recommends people concerned about vitamin D levels take 1,000 units of vitamin D supplements a day. These are safe to use and equally effective as the sun in maintaining healthy levels of this vitamin in the body while avoiding the risk of getting skin cancer.”

Ddrops® are the sunshine vitamin in just one drop!® Ddrops® offers people an alternative to taking conventional pills or capsules. Two formats allow adults to get just the right amount of vitamin D Ddrops® 1000 IU and Ddrops® Booster 600IU.

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Have you been tested?

A simple blood test will do the
trick, and you will know your
vitamin D blood level.

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How much should I take?

There is no easy answer!
Talk to your healthcare
practitioner and take a look
at the recommendations
from the experts.

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Since you asked...

What is the source of Vitamin D in Ddrops®?
You will be interested to know
answers to these and
more questions!

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What about the sun?

We make vitamin D in our skin
when we are in direct exposure to
UVB rays (sunshine or tanning beds).
How much do we make?

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Did you know?

Dark-skinned people are at
risk of vitamin D deficiency, as
they require increased
exposure to sunlight to
produce the same amount
of vitamin D compared to
light-skinned people.

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How do I give Ddrops® to my Baby?

One drop is all you need!
Parents are telling us about
their experience. Using Baby
Ddrops® is so easy!

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