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Baby Ddrops® is a liquid vitamin D designed specifically for breastfed babies and infants.
Only 1 drop is required to provide the full daily
dose as recommended by the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics, making it a convenient and easy way to give your baby the nutrients that she needs.

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Choosing to breastfeed your baby is an important decision. Breast milk is a most perfect source of nutrients because it is composed of the right amounts and appropriate types of fat, carbohydrates and proteins that infants require. However, same as it is difficult for adults to obtain their vitamin D from food, breastfed babies also need to obtain their vitamin D from a combination of the sun, food and supplements. Breast milk contains only 10% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D. Babies need vitamin D for healthy growth and development. In particular, bones require vitamin D to help with the absorption of calcium. Recent studies show that more vitamin D or sunshine during infancy seems to prevent other diseases later in life, such as juvenile diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

The Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that breastfed infants receive a daily dose of 400 IU vitamin D supplementation.

Baby Ddrops® is ideally suited for infants (ages 0-1yrs of age). It was specifically designed for breastfed babies. Learn more about Baby Ddrops®.

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Have you been tested?

A simple blood test will do the
trick, and you will know your
vitamin D blood level.

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How much should I take?

There is no easy answer!
Talk to your healthcare
practitioner and take a look
at the recommendations
from the experts.

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Since you asked...

What is the source of Vitamin D in Ddrops®?
You will be interested to know
answers to these and
more questions!

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What about the sun?

We make vitamin D in our skin
when we are in direct exposure to
UVB rays (sunshine or tanning beds).
How much do we make?

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Did you know?

Dark-skinned people are at
risk of vitamin D deficiency, as
they require increased
exposure to sunlight to
produce the same amount
of vitamin D compared to
light-skinned people.

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How do I give Ddrops® to my Baby?

One drop is all you need!
Parents are telling us about
their experience. Using Baby
Ddrops® is so easy!

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